We want people in Kingswood to hear the truth about Jesus.

Kingswood Anglican has been part of the Penrith district since 1898. The reason the church was established from the beginning was to have the gospel of Jesus taught in this area. We read from the Bible and understand together what it means to live and serve in a world made for Him.

We are for all ages.

From the little ones to the elderly and every stage in between. We come together on Sundays and on various events through the week to learn and respond in worship together.

See the Youth Programs page for information on some of our targeted programs for youth.

We are evangelical and Anglican.

This means that we believe the Bible speaks the truth about life, God and salvation; we can know all that we need to know for salvation in the Scriptures; we are a branch of the Anglican community; and our unity is found in the gospel.

We are a welcoming bunch.

When you come and visit one of our services, we’ll do our best to make you feel welcome because that is how God has made us feel.